Thursday, March 11, 2010

"My Confession: Spiritual Purge"

We were all born sinners

But momma still raised a winner

Tried her best to keep me in church

Tried so hard sometimes that it hurt

Raised me after God’s own heart

So from his ways I’d never part

But boys will be boys, men will be men

So naturally I turned to a life of sin

And I chased it so hard that it chased me back

Addicted to the fast life, like a fiend to crack

Money and women dried up my life like venom

Til I dropped to my knees and put my trust in him

Him meaning God himself, yes Jesus the Christ

And no longer is my life filled with misery and strife

And No I’m not perfect and at times I miss my mark

But I really do try and I know God sees my heart

Salvation is a balance between spirit and the flesh

One big race to see if we deserve to live blessed

Will you be there with me standing at the finish line

I pray you’ll be next to me in the light of his shine

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The confession......

I wanted to write something to express what I go thru on a daily journey, in this new walk as a saved and born-again christian. This walk is like nothing I've ever known or experienced. It's not anything like I was told it would be or thought it might be.
I grew up in the church and I've always run from God in a sense. I didn't want to worship him in the ways I saw other people doing it because I never liked the thought of being "religious". I've always loved God and prayed to him but at the same time I was still very rebellious. I never quite believed in what I was told...and honestly was right in doing so. I just had the wrong attitude behind it. We, as individuals, are supposed to seek the lord and his truth on our own and not just settle for what we are told by others. So I did just that. But in ignorance and arrogance I misled myself into believing something a lil twisted. I tried merging Christianity with Islam. I saw these two religions as being the same with a few differences. I saw truth in both and falsehoods in both and couldn't decide which one was "better" so I chose to mix blend them. That in itself is blasphemous. The things we do when we're young and ignorant right....
Fast forward to today...I'm saved, the right way. I believe in Jesus Christ and know that he's my one and only saviour; the one and only God. I now see where I've gone wrong and what needs to be done to correct my ways. True, I can't change the past but I can let him direct my future. I understand that EVERY day I must drop to my knees and acknowledge my father for what he has done and will do in my life. I must worship God for bringing me thru the craziest situations, some I shouldn't have even lived thru and even now as I write this there are things in my life I know only God can intercede in and make right. And whatever he decides to do, I still owe him all the praise and glory, whether I "like" the outcome or not.

And I'm not writing this to make myself sound all glorious and holier than thou and all that. I'll be the first to tell you I'm not perfect, nor am I trying to be nor will I ever be perfect. We can't be what God never created us to be. He made us flawed/imperfect so how can we "improve" on what God has done?Anyways. In the end I'm hoping that my words will help someone else in their walk in Christ, maybe shed a lil light on life and show them's ok to come to God as you are and even once you come to him, it's ok to not be perfect. God loves us as we long as your heart's in the right place you'll still be in God's good graces. Stay blessed.